Day 47 Feeling Great!

Caught up on my missed sleep from the night before. Woke up before the alarm and feeling positive the day is going to be good.  Scale is moving again back down to 268.2

Headed out ready to take on the day. Had my coffee and strawberries for breakfast. They actually lasted until almost 10:00 because I kept getting busy and distracted. 

Two more days and the boss comes back from vacation then half the office leaves for vacation. I am going it alone several days next week.

Lunch I had left over taco salad from last night. I had two people make comments today. One salesman just came back from vacation and said they are going to have to start calling me Donna junior as I am becoming half myself. Lol

One of my drivers stopped at my office and said I don’t know how to say this without offending you. I said what? He said you have lost a lot of weight. I said why would that offend me. He said just not sure how to say you are getting smaller in a nice way. Lol  I said you did fine. He asked me what Craig thinks. I told him I was going to be fifty and fabulous. He said 50??? I said yes Cary I am going to be 50 in two years. He said he thought I was in my late thirties/early forties.  Oh how I wish I would have done this then. 

Traffic sucked bad tonight and it was hot. I was running late anyway so I called Craig and told him I was stopping at Cato to see what I could find. I couldn’t do their 18/20 because they were still a little tighter than I prefer. I got some cute 22/24 shirts though and a really cool pair of shoes to go with a dress that’s on its way. Craig found it online, liked it and bought it for me as an anniversary present. It isn’t here yet but I am hoping these shoes will go great with it. Plan to wear it to a wedding in September. I will post photo of dress on its way.  Hope it fits! 

Dinner we had cube steaks and cucumber Tomato salad. 

It really feels good when people make comments and feels even better shopping for smaller clothes.  

Until tomorrow. Have a great night! 


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