Day 46 Rough Day and maybe too hard on myself

Morning came fast! Not much sleep to start off, then the storms came, then the power went off causing my Cpap to quit, then a tension rod that I hung clothes on crashed to the floor causing the dogs to bark as if someone broke in the house.  

I am sleep deprived and crabby when I wake up and it didn’t get much better the rest of the day. The scale was not my friend again. The last few days I have gained and lost the same pound. Frustrating to say the least.  This part is TMI but it may partly because I am having issues in the bathroom area. I drank some smooth move tea last night but it hasn’t worked yet like last time.  Again sorry for TMI, just keeping it real.  This is hard physically and emotionally some days. I just keep telling myself tomorrow is another day, you can do it!  Listen up! You have come too far, snap out of it!  Good thing I listen to myself on most occasions or I would have quit along time ago. 

So anyway off to work I go, with one eye open and coffee by my side! 

I had breakfast of strawberries and around 9:30 I did a protein shake. 

Lunch was cucumber onion salad and crackers. 

I wore one of my new 18/20 1x outfits today. My boss Mike told me when he was in the conference room and I walked by that he took a double take because he noticed how much weight I have lost.  Our Armstrong rep was in today after about three weeks and also said Wow your doing great.  That made me feel good even on this bad day. 

Katy had me go in bathroom and take a photo in my new outfit so I could do an updated side by side since I was feeling down today. I will post here in a minute. 

Came home still a bit crabby and of course really tired by now.  Craig made grilled chicken and a salad. 

Kitchen is clean and dogs are fed. Will prep my lunch later and have my second fruit. For now I am going to chill. 


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