Day 45

Late start on eating today.  Something was wrong with tv so I had to deal with At@t first. By the time I weighed in and ate, it was almost 11:00 so I just had left overs from last night.  I weighed in first and lost the “oops” ounces I gained from Friday night. Back to 268.0 today. 

I then did some laundry and went thru some clothes in my closet. Very exciting! Some clothes that have been tight now fit, some even baggy. It’s really like having a new closet to choose from.  Finished up a few things then  ran out to get milk for Craig and the strawberries I forgot yesterday. While I was at Walmart I found three shirts I currently own in a 26/28 that I absolutely love but in an 18/20. Since I love them so much and they were reduced I bought them. Unfortunately I can’t wear them just yet. I bought 18/20’s yesterday but from a higher end clothing store. The ones from Walmart will need to be 22/24 for now. That’s ok!  I got it on, it’s just snug. I will be there soon.  Very soon! 

Came home and napped a bit while Craig watched NASCAR. 

Dinner we had taco salad. Love it! 

After dinner I prepped some veggies, made cucumber onion salad for the week, made hard boiled eggs, cleaned kitchen and prepared my lunch bag for tomorrow. 

I haven’t had any fruit yet. Seems I can never get that or all my water in on the weekends. I will do a combo smoothie later or just 6 ounces of unsweetened applesauce. 

This weekend has been amazing. It was so rewarding to go shopping and find clothes smaller than I have been wearing for a very long time.  I just can’t wait to see how far this journey takes me.  It feels great to feel good and look in the mirror and see the results of my determination to win this.  Couldn’t do it of course without you guys!  You keep me going and accountable.  45 days!  Just WOW!  Only 16 more days to second round of phase one. 

Make it a great week!! 


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