Day 44  Very exciting news to share!

Got up at 7:oo to head out to a garage sale that said they had tons of plus size clothing for sale due to weight loss surgery. I was excited to go see what she had. After driving 24 miles and having my car almost swallowed by the road that led to her house, I had great disappointment when she showed me the clothes were in about 20 bins and not organized by size. After opening two bins and almost getting knocked over by the smell, seeing mouse droppings in the totes as well as dead bugs I said thanks anyway and left. 

Came back home and had breakfast of eggs and grapefruit. My fear last night added four ounces to the scale. Oh well that’s ok, just can’t do that again.

Craig wasn’t feeling well today so I decided to head out to some thrift stores to look for some clothes and to Aldis for more produce. I went to two thrift stores with no luck. I had 135.00 in gift cards from Christmas for Catherine’s so I decided to go try on some clothes and check out clearance racks.  I grabbed some clothes one size smaller than normal. They felt too big. I grabbed the next size down and they still seemed kinda big. The lady agreed and got me the next size. I told her no way I was going to be able to wear that size.  I was so overwhelmed after trying it on I almost cried. Literally!  The clothes in my closet I am currently wearing are 4x 26/28. The size pants that fit were a 1x 18/20. I have not seen that size since I met Craig and weighed a lot less than I do now. I have lost a lot of inches. These were 18/20’s with elastic waist bands. The ones that buttoned were still too small.  Regardless this was amazing to me that I even got on an 18/20. I also bought a few 1x tops. One is still a bit snug but it was on clearance so I bought it because it won’t be long.  I had them measure me for a bra since that too is getting too big. I dropped from a 48c to a 44c. I left there and went to Aldis for produce. I had one more stop after this. I had to meet Peg to pick something up from her and she was at Arnold Goodwill so I just met her there. She has not seen me since week two and was totally surprised at my weight loss seeing me in person. It feels good to hear other people say how much they can tell.  I looked thru the racks there since I was there anyway. I found a lot of 18/20’s and straight 2o’s including a cute denim dress. 50.00 later I left with about 20 items. This was so exciting to me. 

Came home , put groceries away and had a quick snack of Melba toast and pico de gallo since I didn’t have lunch. I them did fashion show for Craig with all my new treasures. He told me how proud he was and that all my hard work is paying off. Some will have to wait a little longer but over half I can wear now.  Guess it’s time to start clearing out my closet and packing up the bigger stuff. 

Dinner we had sausage and grilled veggies. I twisted my knee or something today and it’s hurting so I took some Vicodin. I am feeling a little loopy as I write this and nauseous. I guess since my body hasn’t had any medication of any kind in 44 days and I weigh less than before it is making me not feel too good. 

I still need to do a fruit today so I will have a smoothie or unsweetened applesauce later. 

I can’t tell you how good today made me feel. I am so thankful I have been given this opportunity to not only get my health restored but also my weight. When I met Craig I weighed 180 pounds and wore a size 18/20.  That was 25 years ago. 


4 thoughts on “Day 44  Very exciting news to share!

  1. As Donna mentioned … I got to see her today. She looks amazing! What a huge difference. I have to admit that I am jealous of how good she’s looking. Not sure I could have the tremendous willpower she’s had to have. I’m jealous … But oh so very very proud of her. Just hope she saves me her clothes … Then if I ever make headway, I can save mine for others … Tee hee. Great job Donna …. Very PROUD of you !!

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