Day 43  Nervous I may have messed up 

I was off work today and was talked into going this morning for a pedicure with my neighbor. I haven’t had one in years. As reluctant as I was, it was amazing. A treat to myself for doing so good. 

I had my coffee and did my drops and headed out. I didn’t eat before I left. The scale was down to 268.8 today 

After the pedicure we went to get lunch. I didn’t know we were going to do that so I didn’t have my salad dressing with me. I ordered a grilled chicken breast and only ate half since they said it was 7 ounces before cooking. I took my salad home to eat since I didn’t have my dressing. It is hard eating out and finding something I can have. 

Once home I did some chores around the house and chilled. 

We decided to go out for dinner tonight. This is where I hope I didn’t mess up. I ordered a salad no dressing since I brought my own and boneless chicken with hot sauce on the side. When the chicken came out I weighed out 4 ounces. The chicken was lightly breaded. I can’t have breading but I already ordered and got it. I peeled some breading off and out of the ten or so pieces I only got about 5 of them for four ounces. I just hope it doesn’t stall me or make me sick. I felt so quilty.  Fingers crossed, this will be my first cheat and it wasn’t intentional but I couldn’t do much about it at that point.  I haven’t had either fruit today so maybe I will just skip them.

I got lots of compliments when we were there as everyone knows us there. That felt good to hear. 

Hoping for no stall or weight gain tomorrow. Can’t believe how guilty I felt and it wasn’t even on pasta or pizza or something like that. It was just a little breading. I have worked so hard to stay on plan and it makes me mad I might have messed up tonight.  Live and learn I guess.  


4 thoughts on “Day 43  Nervous I may have messed up 

  1. You’re doing great and I’m sure the little bit won’t make that much of difference today! Glad you finally got pedi, been asking you to go for years with me….

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