Day 41 Too much salt!

I think the steaks we had last night (bought at Costco) that already had spices on them in the form of a rub must have been high in sodium. Up 1.2 today. That’s ok lesson learned, just need to be more careful with certain things. 

Today was another force my food down my throat day. I started off with a half grapefruit and eggs. 

By lunch I still wasn’t feeling it but I had my cucumbers AGAIN!  So bored with food but only 19 more days of this phase unless I decide to go round three of this phase. My end weight will be the decision maker. 

Busy afternoon since boss is on vacation the next five days so finishing up some things made afternoon go fast. 

Planned on left overs tonight but we chilled for awhile before reheating.  I snacked on five of my nut thin crackers. 

Dinner I had two cups veggie salad and left over brisket 4 ounces. 

I think the cooler weather is making me tired.

Not must more to report today. Boring day. Going to go work out on the gazelle!  Night all! 






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