Day 39 

It’s Monday and stormy!  This always equals a tiring day combination. 

Drug myself out of bed and got ready for work. Scale was down to 272.8   I then headed in to work. Today I did a half grapefruit and one hard boiled egg with two egg whites for breakfast. I forgot my Ningxia Red young living drink. Crap!

Lunch I had two cups cucumber onion mix I made last night. Just as expected it tasted better day two. 

I started to get hungry around 1:00 so I munched on some celery.  

I was so tired and hungry today by 3:30 that I was hoping I would get home soon. Craig was making meatloaf out of the protocol recipe book. It smelled so good when I came in but had to wait for it to get done. In the meantime I straightened up a few things to kill time. 

Finally it was done. I had a salad with it that had two cups mixed veggies. 

I then vacuumed, started a load of laundry, straightened out the refrigerator and did dishes from dinner. 

Time to relax and probably go to bed a little early tonight. Was going to work out on the Tony Gazelle tonight but I think it’s going to have to wait. This and walking is the only exercise I am allowed to do. I can’t do heavy exercise because I am not getting enough food to burn. Strange to be on a diet that doesn’t allow exercise. Fine by me, but weird. 

I think for my evening fruit I am going to have unsweetened Apple sauce with cinnamon for a change. 


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