Day 38 New goal reached!

Slept in a little today. Was very excited to step on scale and see that I hit 30 pounds!! That’s almost two full pounds down from yesterday. It is so nice to see the scale move. This protocol is not easy and can really tempt me but I just keep telling myself to keep going as I am going to feel better and better each day! 

Had my protein shake and half of a grapefruit for breakfast/early lunch since I slept in. I had a lot of aromatherapy orders to work on so after feeding dogs I got busy. Craig got up late also and hasn’t felt good all day so he hasn’t done to much just trying to feel better. 

After I finished my blends, I delivered two orders and then went to shop n save to get lettuce and a couple other things. It amazes me that for as little as I am eating, how fast I go thru things like lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. 

When I got back I was hungry a little since no lunch so I had some Melba toast pieces with pico de Gallo. It took an hour to cool my mouth down after that. Holy moly that was hot! 

I then decided to make home made bbq sauce, cucumbers and onions in vinager with stevia instead of sugar and I cleaned the kitchen and installed another shelf in my pantry. 

Was waiting for Craig to eat dinner, we were just going to do left overs but he isn’t hungry so he told me to eat. I decided to do some grilled shrimp and two cups of the cucumbers I made. It was good with the stevia. It will be even better after it sits overnight. 

Now I plan to chill, get lunch ready for tomorrow and have my fruit smoothie later on. 

I tried on the skirt I bought yesterday just for the heck of it. When I started this 38 days ago I was wearing 26/28 pants.  The skirt I bought yesterday was a 22. I got it on but couldn’t get it zipped. If I had to guess I am probably down to a 24 pants. I don’t really know since I don’t have any to try. I just know my pants are getting too big.  26 years ago when I met Craig I was 180 pounds and wore a size 18/20. That is my goal weight and size.  I still have one mini skirt from back then that he used to love. I have kept it all these years because I always said I will get into it again one day. I can see that happening now more than ever before. 

Have a great week. I see 260’s approaching soon. Exciting!  

Don’t worry, the potatoes in the photo on the counter are not for me. They are for Craig. 🙂   

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