Day 36  TGIF!

Happy Friday. Feeling spunky this morning so I decided to be a bit daring with my outfit. I had bought a new shirt before vacation that when I wore it the first time Craig said wow!! 

Scale down again today 276.4 for total loss of 26.8 

Got to work and of course it’s Friday and my salesman brought in boxes of donuts. They taunted me all day whispering my name. I did good and didn’t have any. Even though I would have loved one or two or three. Lol 

I got up, dressed up with jewelry and makeup and headed out the door feeling pretty confident.  When I got to work my boss said wow, haven’t seen that shirt before. You look nice. Craig better mind his p’s and q’s or You may trade him in. I laughed. Never would I trade him in. 

A few more commented, wow, omg, one said sexy and one called me Punky Brewster. I guess because of the pony tail off to the side a bit. It made me feel great and embarrassed at the same time. I don’t normally dress in clothes that fit, usually they are baggy. 

I had my protein shake and strawberries for breakfast.  Both bosses were gone all day playing golf so it was a pretty quiet Friday 

Lunch I had turkey, lettuce, tomatoe and pickle. 

Drove home cranking some tunes feeling really good about my self. We had dinner plans with our old neighbor tonight and I needed to help her with something on her laptop. It was good to see her. I had marinated sirloin tips, a salad and asparagus. 

Now home with the hubby and doggies!  

It feels good that people are noticing my loss 

One of the girls at the restaraunt saw me when I came in and told me how proud she was of me and that she has been following my progress.  I love all of you! You keep me going when I feel like quitting. Like I told Craig tonight. I could have chosen the easy way out and just took the medication. I chose this path which is hard and takes a lot of determination and will power. I definitely have days I want to just say screw it but I know this is going to be so worth the effort. It already is!  Have a great weekend friend and family.











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