Day 35

As I mentioned yesterday, I saw my doctor and discussed a few ideas for new food plan options. Today I tried one of those options. I headed out with vanilla cream black coffee and a bag full of things to take to work which included a carton of unsweetened almond vanilla milk, a shaker cup and a bag of protein powder servings. For breakfast I had a vanilla protein shake and strawberries. It was very good and filling.  It was a nice change 

For lunch I had a salad of two cups veggies and had a hard time eating it all. 

I got hungry around 1:30 today so I had my second fruit of an apple. At least I don’t have to worry about getting that in tonight.

For dinner I stopped at Carl’s Bbq and bought some plain brisket. I bought enough that I will have left overs to work with. Craig made collard greens for him. Gross! And I just did sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.  He of course used bbq sauce while I used a little Worchester for moisture. 

Was a busy day and not much more going on today except I had a headache most of the day. I think sinuses and not sleeping well last night due to leg pain. 

Finished up my household things already and plan to chill the rest of the night. May take a walk after sun goes down.

The scale was down today to 277.8. I am starting to see undergarments getting big so I think I am still losing inches. Won’t measure for a few more days but never took bust measurement from the beginning so I won’t know amount there. 

My doctor asked me about my support system last night and of course I told her about all of you!!  

Started another growing project tonight. I added a jar with romaine lettuce to see if I can get it to grow.


4 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. You are doing amazing!!!! Way to go buddy! Keep it up and thanks for only telling her the good things about us. (You only.said good things right?) (Haha I’m teasing!)

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