Day 34  Follow up visit with doctor! 

Day 34 can you believe it?  I have had no sweets, carbs or junk food in 34 days. I can’t believe it!  

Headed out the door, same routine as usual. Before I did I weighed and lost 6 ounces last night.  Let’s keep it moving in that direction!! 

Breakfast I went back to just strawberries today and I am going to discuss some options with doctor tonight if I am going second round of phase one. Strawberries are getting boring. 

Took my lunch today of lump crab meat with lemon juice and pepper and dill relish with my nutthins and celery.  I took a short lunch today since I had to go to doctor. I ran to target to get something and found the Applegate turkey and roast beef there as well as the cauliflower crumbles. It is a good thing and I will tell why in a moment. I headed back to office to eat. Packed the purchases in my cooler bag and stuck it in freezer so it would stay cold on drive to doctor and home.  I sat down to eat and oh my god!! No way was I going to be able to stomach this. Way to fishy!  I love crab meat but no thank you!  So glad I went to target because I had a backup. I went to get my turkey I just bought and since no scale I eye balled it. I had that and my celery. Thank goodness for backup. 

I left for doctors office and ended up way to early so I drove down Lockwood to orchard and found by chance a produce stand. Great! Now I don’t have to stop at Aldis on way home since its a late night. I ended up getting a box full of produce for 20.00. Yeah! 

Headed to doctors office and the front desk girl noticed immediately my weight loss. Dr Eller was thrilled with my progress and my urine tests show I am in ketosis like I am supposed to be. Yeah!  I asked her my questions and got some more ideas on food plan.  When I checked out she asked if she could brag on me to the other doctor standing there and a few patients. That was a proud moment.

It’s now 5:30 and the drive home. I was starting to feel hungry. I got home and Craig helped me unload car. Then I started prepping what I bought while he cooked dinner. He did turkey breast fillets in the Nu wave oven and I did steamed cauliflower with nutritional yeast. It’s supposed to make things taste cheesy. Well it’s not like the cheese I remember but it will have to do.

I also started onion scraps tonight to go with my celery scraps I started over the weekend. Hoping to grow my own 

I then had to work on an order and cleanup kitchen. The evening has flown by and I still need to eat my second fruit, take a shower and make my lunch. It’s already 9:00. Man that evening went fast and I feel like all I have done is mess with food. Oh well!  

I am very happy with my doctors visit and ready for round two!  Stay tuned and watch me shrink. Hehe! 

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