Day 33 Busy Mind equals quiet stomach 

Got a little more sleep than the night before. Hormones and hashimotos are not a good team. Thank godness the symptoms only happen once a month. Legs cramping, insomnia, and back pain.  

Got up and threatened the scale this morning. Up another 6 ounces!! Hormones and stress. Better be because I have not cheated. I actually didn’t get my second fruit two days in a row. Maybe that’s why. Body is holding on thinking I am not eating anymore. Tonight I must eat my fruit.  Frustrating!! 

Tried something new for breakfast and it was a semi failure. I cracked an egg into a microwave cup and added some egg whites. Whipped it together, put it in my cooler bag and took it to work to microwave.  The plan was to have that and strawberries. Well for some reason the eggs turned brownish black and I just had a hard time visually eating them. I ate half and tossed the rest. Craig thinks it was the whites that turned color and probably nothing wrong with them but I can’t eat something that looks gross. Never could. 

Today I was slammed and didn’t really care about food anyway. I missed lunch by 20 minutes because time got away from me. I headed out finally and ate my salad of two cups veggies.  

The afternoon went by super fast as I remained busy putting out fires and helping with lots of problems today. 

Headed home and 270 actually cooperated today. Water by my side and tunes playing. 

I had taco salad on the menu tonight but when I got home I found out we didn’t have any taco seasoning I could have. We ate it all on vacation. Hmmm now what?  I got out my recipe book and made my own. Not bad and I know exactly what is in it with no hidden  

 extras. I added an extra ounce of meat since I threw most of my eggs away this morning.  

Tomorrow is my follow up visit so tonight I need to write down my questions I have for her moving into second round of phase one. 

I am starting to feel the inches lost more and more each day. Let’s hope the scale isn’t stuck.    







2 thoughts on “Day 33 Busy Mind equals quiet stomach 

  1. High humidity also retains water. Just the air is so heavy with moisture. Try not to stress But you are a lot like me. Hard on ourselves and anxiety. Keep up, keep going. This protocol is hard on your body, usually 2 protocols together is not recommended because it does stress the body eventhough the weight is falling off. Sometimes recommended to try modified and give body rest. Not treating yourselves, just more protein. Ask doc.

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