Day 31  Vacation is over! Boo!

The day has come and my vacation is over. I could do this stay at home thing a lot longer. I am excited to see who notices I have lost 26 pounds.  Yes that’s right down another pound this morning!  My BMI has dropped from 44 to 41.  Scale down to 277.6 

Had breakfast of 4 ounces of meat and strawberries. Then began to work on aromatherapy orders. Really wish that was my full time job. Some day! 

For lunch I made a salad of two cups veggies and as much as I wasn’t hungry I forced it down.  This afternoon I finished up last minute things around the house and prepped food for my week at work. 

Dinner we had one of my favorites that Craig makes me. Shrimp with zucchini, tomatoe and onion. Thank god the man can cook and takes care of me. 

Grovers came home today from Florida. I haven’t seen them in 13 days. We were sitting outside and saw them out so we walked up the street. Rick said Omg! Who is that with you? Did you throw her in the dryer. That made my night. Craig’s sees the loss but he sees me daily. I am excited to see the reaction at work tomorrow. Unfortunately my work clothes are starting to get big so may not be as big of a notice to them. We will see. 

Didn’t get my second fruit in today but 4:40am is going to hurt so I better get to bed soon. 

Glad my walking buddies are back from vacation. We didn’t get to start before they left but plan to get on it now that we are all back from vacation. 


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