Day 30  Goodbye to the 280’s

Today I woke up and said goodbye to the 280’s!  I stepped on the scale and 278.8 appeared before my eyes. It is the one time the scale made me cry but for a good reason. I have not seen 270’s in a very long time. Even when I did plexus two years ago for six months I never got this low.  I am amazed and proud of myself for being disciplined and have not cheated one time.  Oh how I have wanted to, don’t get me wrong. 

I had breakfast a little late so I had 4 ounces of meat and 8 strawberries. I then had to head out to do some deliveries and go to Costco to see what they had that I could have to make the during the week lunches easier. I was surprised to see how much gluten free things they had. I stopped at the cookie table to Drewl a moment. I snapped a photo and sent it to Craig and told him I was buying the whole table. Lol  God how I used to love those cookies.  😦

Came home and weighed out the meat I bought into four ounce servings.  I sometimes feel like all I do these days is weigh food and chop it.  I had brought an apple and my water with me since I knew I wasn’t going to make it home in time for lunch. I ate my apple on the drive home from south county   

Dinner we had steaks and since I didn’t eat any veggies yet today I made a larger salad. Had trouble eating it all but had to get my minimum in.  I am finished for the night since I already had both fruits. No smoothie tonight. 

I am pleased with myself for making It my first 30 days and being down 25 pounds. Craig measured me today. I am down five inches in waist, five inches in butt and and inch in each thigh and arm. I am supposed to move to phase two now but as I stated in earlier post I am repeating a second round of phase one to be sure I have this under control.  I have turned over more money to Craig. I am up to 125.00 as you might recall I am having him hide 25.00 for every five pounds I lose so I have a savings when I need new clothes. My clothes are already starting to feel big. Time to dig in bins downstairs to see what I have in smaller sizes. 


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