Day 29  Temptation at the Grocery Store 

One more day and it’s a month since I started. The time went quicker than I thought it would. I go back to see her on the 15th and most likely will repeat phase one again. Not ready to start reintroducing foods to test intolerances. I would like to be down at least 40 pounds before I move on. The rate I am going that should only be another month. 

I am down again today!  280.2 for total loss of 23 pounds in 28 days. Excited to enter into the 270’s. The photo shot below shows just how much inflammation I had in my body. I am seeing changes daily and it’s pretty exciting. 

I skipped breakfast this morning because I got busy so I had a hamburger patty and cucumbers and tomatoes for lunch.  I started more laundry and headed to get my oil changed and grocery store. I think grocery shopping is the biggest temptation. Having to pass all the things I can’t have and reading every label.  Odd thing is what I really wanted I can’t have and it’s good for you. The corn on the cob, the watermelon and cherries looked so good. I did bring home some for Craig but not for me. 

Prepped it all when I got home and chilled the rest of the day. Only two more days and back to reality.  I wish I was retired. Could get used to staying home.  I had a snack of strawberries with some chocolate stevia. The chocolate taste was yummy. 

Dinner was not the best. I found some weight watchers chicken burgers. Ugh!  Very dry and bland even though Craig tried to spice them up. I also had green beans and asparagus but didn’t eat my asparagus. It was gross. I will have to try to get in one cup of veggies later and my last fruit.

Tonight I am feeling a little emotional for some reason. May still be hormones messing with me. 

Thanks to all of you that are following my journey and liking or commenting. Your support means the world to me as I put my life out here for the world to see.  You all keep me accountable to myself. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


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