Day 28. A scale and a non scale victory 

Slept really late today. Vacation must have caught up to me. Was excited when I got on scale. After three days of no movement and one day of being up a pound I am down again today.   As suspected, hormones had some bearing.  I am down 22 pounds in 28 days.

Since I got up so late I just had three egg whites and a whole egg. 

Did a few chores around the house but didn’t feel like doing much with the sinus headache I had.

Lunch I just had a salad of two cups veggies since I already had my protein.  

Decided to go out to eat tonight and I ordered grilled shrimp, salad and broccoli. I brought my own dressing.  I had more food in the photo than allowed so I didn’t eat all the salad and broccoli.  When getting ready to go out I had a non scale victory. I am wearing capris I could not wear last year. Yeah!! 

I haven’t had my fruit yet today so I still have to eat two and will make them into smoothie later. 

I am feeling great and more confident. 


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