Day 27  Lots of pain and cravings 

This morning started off with a headache. Craig made me breakfast of scrambled eggs with one egg and three egg whites, half of a grapefruit and vanilla cream coffee no sugar. 

We took back the rental van and continued to unpack.  Craig worked on straightening up the garage and I straightened up the basement. My legs, hips and back are hurting bad today. Just like prior to being diagnosed with hashimotos.  

I stopped to eat lunch around 1:00 and just had a salad with no protein since I did my protein for breakfast. My cravings are off the chart today.  This is a little bit “tmi” but my body is struggling a little and Dr told me if this happens to try some smooth move tea so I did last night. I have had no scale movement in two days and today I was up a pound. I have not cheated at all and don’t know cause. I started thinking about it and it is one month since I  went to see her and even though I don’t have monthly cycles anymore, I still get symptoms. I think my pain today is the hashimotos and my hormones fighting each other. I will need to ask her on the 15th how to deal with this once a month. The pain got so intense I had to take Vicodin as much as I didn’t want to.

Today is two month mark of no anxiety medication. 

Dinner was prepared late as we both were tired. We had meat thawed from our trip and left over veggies that needed to be cooked so that’s what we had. He had chicken and I had four ounces of burger patty with two cups veggies. Still need to eat a fruit tonight. 

Hoping this pain doesn’t last too much longer this week. I am on vacation until Monday and don’t want to spend it on the couch. 

I made my “to go” and “gone” visual jars tonight.  There are 20 in the fine jar and 105 remaining in the to go jar 


2 thoughts on “Day 27  Lots of pain and cravings 

  1. Are those pounds lost? How motivational. Constipation with protocol pops up due to lack of fiber. The smooth moves will get things moving. I obsessed abt this a lot back then. Don’t fret. Sorry your body is being a ninja warrior. Your schedule is off. ..any time away will do that while on protocol.

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