Day 26 Home Sweet Home!

Got up and enjoyed my coffee for the last time on the front porch.  We leave to go home today. Took dogs for brief walk since rain had set in.  When I got back I ate my strawberries and we started packing the van.  We always vacuum and clean up the cabin for Steve and Angie before we leave so it took us awhile to actually leave. 

Craig wanted to eat before we left so he had his left overs from last night and I had a cold chicken breast and half of a tomatoe.  On the way home we stopped for a break and I picked up a big dill pickle to hold me over until we got home. I must be holding water or something the last two days because I am actually up a pound. I haven’t done any cheating so not sure why scale went wrong way. Kinda discouraging.  

Finally got home around 4:30 and we unloaded van before rain set in again.  Tried to nap but couldn’t sleep.  Around 8:00 we started unpacking most of the bags and coolers and finally got some dinner around 9:00. I just had left overs and a salad. I need to get back on schedule of eating because I think that may be effecting my weight loss also.  I also haven’t gotten all my water in the last two days.  

My Fitbit hit its highest total today if over 11000 steps. Coming home from vacation is hard work.   Lol. 

Dogs are happy to be home and have been sleeping since we got home.  Now I have five more days until I go back to work.  

Vacation is fun but always nice to be back home! 


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