Day 25  last full day of trip 

Today is our last full day at Pomme De Terre. Sad to leave in the morning. I could stay here a lot longer. Craig got up and went with Steve to an auction. I had my coffee and strawberries on the front porch.  After taking the dogs for their morning walk I started some packing. 

Angie came down and got me and we went to the local nursery and grocery store so I could pick up a few things to take home. I didn’t want to have to run out for veggies after long drive home. I picked up a cute dog planter to take home. 

When we got back I made me some lunch of left overs from last night and prepped some of my veggies I bought. 

Craig came back and took a nap so I thought I would try to catch some more sun and enjoy the pool by myself. Definitely got more sun today. 

We visited some more with Angie and Steve and they decided to take us into Boliver their treat if I could do so.  They took us to a place called Smiths and I had charbroiled chicken breast, green beans and broccoli. I forgot to take photo. The others food looked and smelled so darn good but I didn’t give in to the temptation.  On the way out they had a case full of home made pies. Oh how we wanted to take one home but we were so good and passed. 

Now we sit outside enjoying the rest of our evening before having to pack up and go home in the morning. Dogs are ready. I think they have had enough. 


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