Day 24  Laid back Sunday

Another great day here at Pomme De Terre.  We were all pretty lazy today.  Took dogs for morning walk and came back and had breakfast. I wasn’t hungry so I just had my coffee and strawberries and Craig made himself some eggs. 

We chilled on the porch for awhile and watched everyone pack up to go home. We are now the only ones left until we go home on Tuesday. I will be alone tomorrow as Steve is taking Craig to an auction. Not sure what I will do to keep busy. 

We hung out in the pool for over an hour and got a lot of sun. Craig is really burned compared to me. Nice pink color. 🙂

Came in to have some lunch. I just had my salad with turkey in it. He made a chicken dish for himself. 

Weather today was hot and steamy so we spent most of the day chilling inside. 

Looked like storms were rolling in so we took dogs for another quick walk but the clouds moved out. 

Just finished dinner of brats, bison hotdog with grilled veggies and sauerkraut. I seem to fill up so fast. 

Today marks over 20 pounds lost. I just can’t believe how well I am doing on this and how good I am feeling. 


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