Day 23 Happy 4th of July 

What a beautiful day here at Pomme De Terre!  Sun was shining and temp was perfect. Craig got up before me today and made me breakfast. I had my protein at breakfast instead of lunch. He made me scrambled eggs with one egg and three egg whites and I had my 8 strawberries. Down another .8 today

 After breakfast we took dogs for their morning walk and then Craig and I walked to lake. 1600 steps. Had to bandage Thors leg when we got back. He has a skin tag and must have scraped it open on concrete. We visited with friends and then went swimming.  I definitely got some color today. That should help the vitamin D deficiency. Water was cold but once in it wasn’t bad 

Time for lunch, I had a salad of 2 cups mixed veggies.

We chilled with the dogs the rest of the day on the porch and then took a cat nap. Thor cracked me up (see photo) I guess the light coming in window was bothering him. 

Dinner Craig grilled steaks. He had corn on the cob and sweet potato. I was jealous but did ok with my 4 ounces of steak and two cups left over grilled veggies from last night

Getting ready to head out on the boat with Steve and Angie to watch fireworks. Love this place. 



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