Day 22

Got up and walked the dogs while Craig slept in thing this morning. Logged almost 2000 steps and it wasn’t even 9:30 yet. Getting lots of walking in down here. Started off a little rainy but cleared up for a perfect afternoon. 

When I weighed in today I was down 3 pounds from yesterday. Total loss 19.4 in 21 day. Waist came in five inches smaller and butt 3 inches since day 1. Love it and the new energy. 

Breakfast I sat out on the porch and enjoyed my coffee and strawberries and listened to the rain on the tin roof. Relaxing!

Lunch I made a chef salad with 4 ounces of turkey and 2 cups mixed veggies. 

After lunch Craig and I walked down to the lake to see if it went down. Nope it got higher. Logged another 1600 steps on that walk. Then I took dogs for potty walk again. 

Visited with our friends until about 3:00 and we decided to take a quick nap before grilling. 

Craig grilled kabobs and fresh veggies for dinner. Only thing that would have made them better would have been an ice cold beer. Unfortunately those days are over for awhile. 

Now to take dogs for last potty walk and chill for the evening. Love it down here listening to nature at night.  


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