Day 21  Listening to the frogs and birds. 

What a great night. Rain has stopped for now and we are relaxing. 

Got up around 8:30 and had our coffee and breakfast. (Me strawberries of course) then hit the road towards Pittsburg, Mo. The dogs did great except for one almost getting sick!  Glad that didn’t happen.  We arrived around 1:30 and got our stuff unloaded and visited with Steve and Angie for awhile. 

We did a quick late lunch around 3:00 of our left over burgers from last night and a salad.

Finished putting our things away for the next week and getting organized. We went on a long walk with the dogs down to see how high the water was. The dogs are definitely out of shape and I thought I was going to have to carry Thor back. Lol   I walked almost four miles total today in steps and 13 flights of stairs loading I guess. 

Time flies down here and it was almost 7:30 so time to feed the dogs and us. We did another quick meal for first night here and did taco salads. Quick and easy.  

It is now chill time. Nice breeze, the sounds of nature and hanging on the porch with hubby. 

Started trip down again on scale. 285.8.   Hope I can stay on course being away from home. Lots of veggies packed 











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