Day 20 Exhausted and off cycle 

Today has been super busy getting ready for vacation. I did learn I cannot make it longer than normal without eating or I get the shakes.  My body is used just the amount of food but pretty much on a time frame. 

Got up, had my strawberries and coffee and finished a few things around the house before going to pick up rental van. Then I was off to Kenricks meat market and Dierbergs to get rest of perishables for the trip. I feel like I have my whole house packed with the special things like my food scale, measuring cups and vita mixer but we got it all in the van. 

Came home and prepped and bagged it all with my food saver so it stays fresh and won’t get soaked in the coolers. 

Next thing I know it was almost 3:09 and I had not eaten since 8:30 not have I drank enough water. Shaking starts. I hurried up to find something to eat. Oops forgot to leave stuff out for lunch and dinner today. I found some precooked sausage in the freezer. It only weighed 3 ounces so I added an egg for my other 1 ounce of protein. I also made some peas. 

Finished everything I could with the exception of the last minute items. Craig got us all packed and ready to roll.  Now it’s almost 8:00 and once again the shakes set in from waiting too long to eat. I bought mini sliders today for dinner when I was at the store but packed everything else. Ugh!  I had to find something so I had dill pickles and a salad with one tomato, green pepper and lettuce. That’s all I had available. I stil need a fruit today but right now all I want to do is go put my feet up. I am exhausted and should sleep well tonight. If you don’t hear from my blog in the next few days it’s because I have no service but plan to continue blogging if I can. I am leaving at another drop in weight. Today is 286.0 and I am down four inches in my waist and three more inches in my butt. 


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