Day 19 Last day of work for 13 days! 

Finally!   Vacation is here. Woke up excited to get this day over with!  No work for 13 days. Got on scale. More digits dropped. This is crazy but I am loving it. 

Coffee in hand and out the door I go!  Didn’t feel hungry at all today.  Didn’t eat my strawberries until almost 9:30 and it was a struggle. Just don’t get why some days are like this. 

Lunch wasn’t easy either but I managed to get down the left over meatballs from last night and half of my slaw.  I think I am bored with lunches. I need more variety.

I forgot to bring my apple for snack so my boss went to Panera and brought me back one. 

3:00 finally came and out the door. At last!

Headed home to get Craig and go to Frankies to drop off an order and have dinner.   I ordered beef tips, broccoli and a salad no dressing as I brought my own. Rj weighed my meat for me to make sure I only got 4 ounces. 

Now back home to pack!  Can’t wait for some rest and relaxation. My boss told me not to come back skin and bones. Lol


2 thoughts on “Day 19 Last day of work for 13 days! 

  1. So proud of you. The pounds are dripping off. It’s amazing, this protocol does work. There is a challenge we all faced. …making it strict for life. Not as strict as now. If you gain some back over time, don’t beat yourself up. I did..about 15 pounds. You know all the tricks to take 3 pounds off in a day. Like a steak day. No other food..water and an 8 punce steak. Or the apple day, no more than 6, but nothing else. I tried both and it does work.

    What is recipe for your salad dressing?

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