Day 18

One more day and I am on vacation until July 13th. If things keep going the way they are they aren’t going to recognize me. Lol

One of my warehouse guys asked me if I lost more weight over the weekend. He said he could tell. 

Out the door with coffee in hand anticipating a busy day getting ready to leave work for a week and a half. Took me until almost 9:30 to eat my strawberries. Just wasn’t happening. 

Lunch I had a left over turkey burger and two cups of tomatoes and cucumbers and my five crackers. 

This afternoon the bottom dropped out and I could barely keep my eyes open. Almost went to gas station for a tea but I have removed my daily lunch tea and only have tea with dinner now. I drink lots of water the rest of the time. 

Finally time to go home and 270 was a nightmare. Come on already I just want to get home. 

Craig made meatballs with marinara from Aldis that I can have tonight. No breadcrumbs allowed so he just used egg white and onion. They were good, the three I was allowed. I also made a salad of two cups mixed veggies.  Doctor said I could increase my veggies on days I am really hungry so I didn’t count my lettuce in two cups measurement since lettuce doesn’t count as much. 

It is starting to blow my mind how this weight is dropping. Excited and shocked at the same time.  18 days counting my two first pig out days and I am down 15.8 pounds and several inches. 


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