Day 16 A day of temptation 

I got up really early this morning. I was so surprised when I got on the scale and dropped yet another pound. Seems like they are just falling off.  Had my black coffee and a half of grapefruit.  Headed to Walmart to get a few things we needed and then back home to clean and repackage the meat and veggies. 

Had to attend a birthday party today. I ate my five crackers before we left. I knew she was planning on cooking me a turkey burger but I wasn’t sure what sides I would have to choose from so I made a bowl of 2 cups cucumber and tomatoe. I was excited to try my new dressing I found locally that has nothing in it I can’t have. It was very good!  I was surrounded by temptation from cookies, birthday cake, mac and cheese, potato salad, chips and alcohol. All the things I love and miss. But I held strong and had none of it. While they are birthday cake I ate an apple I brought. I forgot to take photos of my lunch today. Sorry 

Tonight for dinner I had a salad and left over turkey meatballs from the other night as well as my five crackers. 

I have left over turkey burgers she made for future leftovers. She made me three and sent them home. I only ate one approx 4 ounces. I couldn’t weigh it but I am getting use to visualizing amount. 

I think I did very well today! 


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