Day 15 

Today was good. I had a lot of energy. Slept well last night 

Headed out the door black coffee in hand. I tried to switch it up a little today. For breakfast I took bison breakfast sausage and two hard boiled eggs with a cup of cucumbers and a cup of cherry tomatoes.  It was a good plan but I wasn’t hungry so I saved it for lunch.  For lunch my plan was to eat my strawberries.   I still wasn’t hungry at lunch so I ended up eating just the eggs and sausage and a little bit of the veggies. I need to eat all of my allowed food in a day but some days I just can’t get it down. Other days I am starving. 

Tonight for dinner was a struggle. I had Craig roast me some Brussels sprouts which I have always hated and cauliflower. We also had chicken. He added some tomatoes to the roasting blend. As much as I tried I could eat all but five of them without throwing up.  I still hate them but at least I tried. 

Lots to do this weekend to prepare for vacation so I should get a lot of exercise.  

I am down another pound for a total of 11.8 pounds. Craig will measure me later. 

Not too much to report today. Glad it is Friday and almost vacation time. 


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