Day 14   Two coworkers almost lose arm

Very restless night sleeping resulted in rough morning getting out of bed. Knee was bothering most of the night. I think what she did finally helped today but aggravated it last night. 

Same routine, strawberries and black coffee and out the door! 

Nicole came back today so hoped for a peaceful less crazy day. I was wrong. It was nuts today between complaining customers, needy sales people in the office and computers not working.  By 10:00 I was starving. Come on 11:00!!

Lunch came and I had tuna with dill pickle and some cucumbers and tomatoes. Boring! 

I normally don’t eat my second first during the day but today around 2:00 it was eat that or coworkers were going to have to start sacrificing limbs.   I ate my apple.  Then who brings back chocolate brownies? My sweets addicted boss Mike. Oh the temptation. But I didn’t do it. I just chugged some more ice water.  Who is this person I have become? Are you nuts? 

Ended up getting delayed at work due to same computer issue I dealt with all day. I finally got out of there a little before 4:00.  Here I come 270, my stomach is growling and I am in no mood so just get me home. 

I came home and chilled for an hour or so to reboot my system.  Craig had a new meal planned for me. 

Dinner was pasta, yes I said pasta! But not your ordinary pasta. I bought this “as seen on tv” thing called the veggheti.  He made pasta out of zucchini.  Made turkey meat balls and I found an approved no sugar, no oil marinara sauce at Aldis.  Yummy in my tummy. And talk about filling. The photo is my allowed two cups of veggies and 4 ounces of protein.  I am stuffed and happy.  Good thing because no fruit dessert for me tonight. 

Keeping strong!!! See you tomorrow same place, same time. 

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