Day 13 I have a happy doctor 

Today was better than yesterday. Brain fog was gone. I do have an issue going on with my knee though. Must have gotten carried away with my new found energy and I am having trouble bearing weight. Lovely

Today started off the same, yes the boring strawberries and coffee. It was another busy day so lunch came quick. My boss asked me to join him and a customer for lunch but I had to decline. 

For lunch I had a can of chicken in water with some celery and red onion and spices. I also had a two cups of cucumber and tomatoes with some Apple vinagerette I got at Vom Fass last weekend. It was delicious. 

I had a 4:30 follow up visit with Dr Eller tonight. She started me out on a bio Mat. It is a heated matt with crystals in it to promote healing. I was just about to fall asleep when she came in for me. I told her I was having knee issues so she did some pen acupuncture and cupping on my knee. She said she could tell it is very inflammed. It helped for awhile but is hurting again. She then tried to adjust my back and neck but it just wouldn’t pop. She did my urinalysis and was very happy because all the things she looks for told her that my body is responding well and doing what it’s supposed to. She can also tell by this test if I cheated, which I have not. 🙂 

She then did the muscle testing on me again she did in the beginning. All the areas I was weak in the first time are stronger. She was excited and said so is my body. My body is already in healing mode. She was thrilled with my progress in just 13 days and how low my blood pressure is without medication. She gave me an A++  

I fought the 270/55 commute from Webster home and Craig was preparing dinner. We had white fish, peas and broccoli. It was good 

Now I am sitting with ice on my knee. No walking for me tonight. I go back to her on the 15th of July when we come back from vacation. She said she will be anxious to see my progress then. 

Craig has removed all sugar from his diet and is basically following the same plan as me less the drops and adding more food. He is down 3 pounds. 

One day at a time! One pound at time! I got this! 



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