Day 12  A day of struggle

Today was the hardest on me since the beginning. I woke up with brain fog and tired. I struggled to get going. I haven’t felt this way since the beginning and prior to going on the protocol. I step on the scale. What???? How the hell did I gain? I am not hardly eating. Ugh!

I staggered my way out the door with black coffee in hand. The morning drive seemed endless. I knew I had another busy day today with Nicole being on vacation. I just hoped it would go by fast. 

I had my strawberries for breakfast which tasted so Blah. Probably due to breakfast boredom but I don’t have a lot of breakfast choices and they fill me up. Usually!!  Today by 10:00 I thought I heard thunder only to realize it was my stomach growling. I kept repeating “stomach your not hungry, your bored”. 

11:00 Lunch arrived and of course by this time my stomach got the message and I struggled to get my 4 ounce hamburger patty and broccoli slaw down. Struggled so bad that I took it back to the office and continued to try to eat until almost one o’clock. I finally gave up and tossed the rest.  I have been mentally foggy all day and thanks to Mr. Hashimotos my female monthly symptoms have returned after almost two years of no symptoms. PMS is the word, but nothing but the symptoms happens since the ablation. What’s the point. I know your still in there do you have to make yourself known?  Especially now after all this time.  Perimenopause is what they are calling it. I call it bullshit. Enough already get on with it or move on. 

So on to my afternoon I still feel foggy and now a bit crabby to boot. Lovely combination along with tired. 

Finally time to go home. This ought to be fun. The hour drive home feeling like crap. We have plans tonight but I am thinking Craig is going to have to go alone. Bummer 

I crank up the a/c, crank up the tunes with ice water by my side and hit the ole highway 270. Please be kind. 

I get home finally, tired and head pounding so I tell Craig give me an hour to see how I feel. I hit the bed in the nice cool bedroom.   An hour later, nope not happening.  He goes alone.  Before he left I had him measure me because tomorrow is two week follow up with doctor and I have to have these numbers. Ugh another disappointment, numbers haven’t changed. Again thank you Mr PMS and Hashimotos. 

So now it’s time to eat again. My cook isn’t home so I have to figure something out. I decided to try to cook. Something I don’t do!  I sautéed some zucchini, tomatoe and onion with some spices and did some shrimp. Not half bad!  Not as good as his but for my first time I was pretty impressed. 

Now I sit chilling with the doggies thankful I didn’t fail today. It would have been so easy considering the way I felt. 

Tomorrow is another day and it’s going to be great!  Just keep positive!! Mama said there would be days like this! 


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