Day 11, super busy and more digits dropped 

Happy Monday!

Woke up this morning a little worried about eating food prepared by someone else this weekend since I didn’t know what spices were used. I was so excited when I stepped on the scale. More weight loss!!   


I then headed off to work with my normal black coffee and strawberries for breakfast. Today I knew was going to be super busy because my assistant is off until Thursday. I was right. I put over 7000 steps on my fit bit just while I was a work. 

Lunch time came quick. I had left overs. Two cups of sauerkraut and 4 ounces of bison hotdog.  I then went to Aldis to get more strawberries and no sugar added spaghetti sauce.  I snacked on my five crackers when I got back to office. I drank over 68 ounces of water at work today. 

Tonight’s dinner was my favorite so far. We made taco salads again like last week. Still working on coming up with more recipes so we will probably repeat some until then. 

Tonight I plan on skipping the orange smoothie and I am going to eat an apple with some cinnamon that I got at Penzys yesterday. 

After dinner I worked on aromatherapy orders. 

Getting reading to go outside to see if it is any cooler. May try to go for a walk.  Today’s energy was great. 

Happy happy 

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