Day 10 Happy Fathers Day!

What a great day!  Sun was shining again. Happy Fathers Day to all!

Got up and had my morning coffee and strawberries as usual before heading out to meet Ashley for Father’s Day. She planned a day in Maplewood for her dad. 

We met at the Crows Nest for brunch. I was a little nervous about it because they had a limited menu.  I ended up having them make me a 4 ounce burger patty with nothing on it, the lettuce and tomatoes that came with it, a side of green beans and my five crackers. It went well 

We then walked to Penzys spices and Vom Fass and bought some good spices for me to use that were good quality without sugar and msg. I got some apple and raspberry vinagerette to add to my meals when needed. 

Was really tired for some reason today so when we got home I laid down for a bit. 

Dinner I had my left over steak from roadhouse last night and two cups mixed veggies of lettuce, cauliflower, red onion, broccoli, cucumber, radishes and tomatoes and drizzled my new raspberry vinagerette over it.   I also had my five crackers. I was stuffed. 

I still have one fruit to get in before bed as usual. 

Day 10 and feeling great! 

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