Day 8 weigh in and measurement day 

Today I struggled with eating. Wasn’t hungry at all 

Morning drive was my black coffee and had strawberries again for breakfast. Took me until 9:30 to eat them.

Lunch was 4 ounces of turkey with lettuce and one cup celery and one cup cauliflower. Again I struggled to get it n

Midday snack was five Crunchmaster crackers.  Drank lots of water again today 

Dinner was a flop and went in the trash. Good thing I want hungry anyway. Made a crap cake recipe I found on line.   Omg whoever made this recipe really liked garlic or was trying to keep vampire away. I also had one cup asparagus and one cup peas. Since I threw out the crab cake I ate a hard boiled egg. Craig made himself eggs and sausage. I left the room. I can still have a fruit and rice cake later if I want. 

Measurements are in. Down 7.2 pounds in 8 days. All but my waist went down. Waist went up one inch.  


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