Day 7 and one week down (A mix of anxiety and emotion)

Today I started off a little slow and tired but eventually felt better. No headache or pain. Breakfast was the norm. Black coffee on ride to work and strawberries for breakfast. Today they didn’t hold me from being hungry for long. My stomach was growling by 9:30.  Drank a lot of water until lunch 

Lunchtime was a lean ground beef burger with Melba toast as bread crumbs, onion, Worchester sauce and spices. I also had the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage slaw with the Blueberry vinagerette Craig made me and a pickle. The burger was extremely dry and I need to find sauces with no msg and sugar. 

Didn’t want my fruit in the afternoon so I am going to have an orange smoothie with unsweetened almond milk later tonight.

Dinner was lean bison hotdogs, one cup sauerkraut with caraway seeds and cup of frozen peas. 

We received the estimated cost of both of us doing this at the same time. Craig is getting acupuncture and is supposed to start protocol I am in on Monday. He has decided to hold off on his visits with her and protocol to help back pain so we don’t end up bankrupt. He is going to eat the same foods as me, minus the drops but more volume and an occasional potatoe or cottage cheese.  He feels me getting help with the hashimotos and losing weight is priority. He has dealt with back pain along time and knows how to manage it. Just thought if she could help him more he would try. We just can’t swing it financially for us to each have this many visits in a month. I felt bad that he cancelled but he said my health is priority right now. I love him for this but sad we can’t afford to do it together. He has been getting treatments thru pain management and received his injections today and will continue with those until I am on my own with my journey.  

I am a mix of anxiety and emotion today. Rain isn’t helping. Today is two weeks off anxiety medication.  

Tomorrow is measurement and weigh in day 


One thought on “Day 7 and one week down (A mix of anxiety and emotion)

  1. Love melba toast, and your sweet husband. I know you can do this and if you get a chance try meditation. It is amazing for the anxiety. Sending you love and healing vibes girl. I know you can do this!!!

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