Day 2

Today was a second day of high calorie, high fat.  I had a lot to do today as well. After we dropped the dogs off at groomers we went to see my nephew at baseball practice. Headed to breadco for lunch which included a tuna on multi grain, chips and a cookie. We then headed to pick up dogs and take them home. Craig took his mag glycinate at the wrong time thanks to my error and had to take a nap since it relaxes you. I headed to Aldis and Walmart to stock up for the next week.  This took me awhile since I had to read labels and my list to be sure I didn’t get anything I wasn’t suppose to.  Once home I purged our freezer, refrigerator and cabinets of all unhealthy and foods I am not allowed. Craig finds out his protocol Monday but it will most likely be very similar healthy foods so it all is gone or going.  My refrigerator has never looked so healthy. After all of this we needed to get dinner and I had a lot to eat still since I had not gotten in all my calories and fat. This is my last day before strict protocol starts. We made a pot of chicken Fettucine and then Craig went to get us Jurassic park blizzards. Yum!  Walked over 5300 steps today.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the new me!  Stay tuned.  


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