Hello All!

lifestyle-changeGood Morning Everyone!

As most of you know I have recently been diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency and Hashimotos Auto Immune Thyroidism.  The doctors wanted to put me on prescription medication for the rest of my life.  For me, that wasn’t going to be an option.  Since starting my journey in aromatherapy and getting certified,  Craig and I have decided we are going to pursue the help of a functional doctor.  We have both had our first visit at this point, I have had my second.  Yesterday I was given my protocol to health for the next 30 days.  I decided to start a blog for those that are interested in following my journey.  I will be treating my body holistically with her help as well as using my oils and supplements with her approval.  I am currently off all medications that I was on.  I have stopped the water pill and my anxiety medication which I have been on for 8 years.  We are not that far into our process yet so I will start blogging from the very beginning so that is is all right here. .

Now a little about Craig.  Craig had surgery in 2014 for degenerative disk disease.  He had two disks in his neck removed and replaced with cadaver bone.  He still experiences pain on a daily basis.  He also suffers from Acid Reflux.  With the help of Innovative Health partners he is going to be addressing these two issues that go on almost daily.

Our hope is that with the help of Innovative Health Partners and the support of family and friends, we will be able to health our mind, body and spirit and be around along time to drive all of you crazy in our older years.

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